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Chuck Shin is a major shoe collector. He has probably a hundred pairs of shoes, and most are Nike Jordan’s and other limited edition releases. I (Scott) wanted to take a pic that showcases some of his favorite pairs of shoes. Here’s my vision. It’s my interpretation of a Nike ad with Chuck as someone who should be worshipped for his shoe collection. Or maybe it’s Chuck who idolizes the shoes?

Chuck Composite 01-04 12x18 JPEG.jpg

John and Scott created a music video a few years ago. Our friend Kevin Castro let us borrow his super sweet RED Epic camera for the weekend, so we had to shoot SOMETHING!! We used Portishead’s song Machine Gun because of the haunting melody and repetitious beat. Scott created an editing style within the beat revealing an underlying macabre vision of a woman’s husband and kids. Enjoy!

What!!?? Unspool in a cube! That’s crazy!


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