Episode 1  "John and Scott Start a Podcast"

Our first episode discusses the inception of this month's movie project; our assignment was to create the title sequence for the podcast, as well as filming personal interviews about our backgrounds in filmmaking. Episode 1.2 is our wrap-up of how the August project went for both of us. (Hint: Filming title credits in a pool? Refreshing, yet ineffective.)  After the wrap-up, watch the movie episode 1.3 to see how it all came together.  Special thanks to Justin Riner & the band Loverlee!

Behind The Scenes

Scott shot a new photo and logo for Unspool.net. Here he shows how to use a homemade light box to photograph an 8 mm film camera wearing headphones.

The camera likes Bruce Springsteen, too!

The camera likes Bruce Springsteen, too!

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