Episode 3 "Rob LiCalsi and the Microwave"

This is the October cycle!  Rob LiCalsi pays Unspool a visit this month. After getting his start making documentaries, Rob is now a TV editor in Los Angeles and a long-time friend from RIT. He suggests an idea for this month's project... more than suggests, he FORCES us to make a film while he sits back and watches. After the Episode 5 Pitch, watch the insane movie Scott and John cooked up to please Rob. Does it work? Is he pleased? After the movie, watch Episode 7 Wrap Up to find out! And check out this month's bonus materials too! Audio only versions here.

For the October Unspool Movie, our guest Rob LiCalsi wanted John and Scott to use elements from their two student films that happened to both be about time travel via microwave, so here are their complete student films, for the first time ever on the Internet!


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